Trudeau Budget Fails Canadians

When the Conservative government presented our last budget in 2015, we wanted to ensure that we would pay off our bills and not saddle our children with the debt of their parents. So we balanced the budget.

Justin Trudeau promised Canadians that he would borrow a “modest” sum of $6 billion dollars this year to finance his spending. But this year’s deficit is $18 billion – three times more than promised, and in just three years the Liberal government has added $100 billon to the debt load.

Borrowed money isn’t free. Someone has to pay it back – with interest. In fact, the government’s own Finance Department says that it will take 1.5 generations to pay for the Liberals’ overspending.

One way to hold down debt is to make sure that our economy is competitive, which means that businesses must flourish.

I’m quite worried about our local businesses and their employees in Haldimand-Norfolk, who are now faced with new tax hikes because of Budget 2018.

Thousands of small businesses will no longer qualify for the small business tax rate due to changes in this Budget. Investments in businesses, whether large or small, have been discouraged.

What the Trudeau government needs to understand is that if you don’t have a strong private sector, there is no way to pay for all this spending, unless the bill goes to our kids.

And I’m worried that our Agriculture sector, once again, has been ignored.

Families, farmers and small businesses will now have to re-think their budgeting due to higher taxes.

Andrew Scheer, the Leader of the Official Opposition stated that “Never has a Prime Minister spent so much to achieve so little.” I agree wholeheartedly.

We know that here in Haldimand-Norfolk we can’t run our family finances the way the Liberals are running our national finances.

Canada’s Conservatives will always be the voice of the taxpayer.