Statement on the U.S. Tariffs on Steel & Aluminum

Today I stand with our local steel workers in expressing my great concerns with the US President’s announced tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum. Whether it’s our local workers at Stelco’s Lake Erie facility or the many that make the commute to Hamilton, these tariffs will have a devastating impact on workers and the entire steel and aluminum industry here in Canada.

This announcement has created uncertainty in my riding because the announced actions could potentially reduce access to the American market for Nanticoke and could lead to an excess capacity of low-cost foreign steel being dumped on the Canadian market.

I have heard from constituents who are worried about their jobs and their future. You can be sure that I and my Conservative colleagues will continue to pressure Justin Trudeau and his government to seek a resolution that ensures no Canadian jobs are lost in the steel and aluminum sector, as a result of US protectionism. Conservatives will always work toward policies that put Canadians first and look to build and strengthen our trade relationships and strengthen the Canadian economy.


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