Seizing Canada’s Moment: Prosperity and Opportunity in an Uncertain World

Speech from the Throne

Ottawa, Ontario, October 16, 2013 – Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government laid out our plan to help promote Canada’s long-term prosperity in uncertain economic times.  Our Economic Action Plan has already delivered results, supporting the strongest job-creation record in the G7 with the creation of over one million net new jobs.  Now we are seizing the moment to support hard-working families and help make sure that those who play by the rules can get ahead.

Our Conservative Government is focused on: helping create jobs and opportunity for Canadians; supporting and protecting Canadian families; and putting Canada first.

We will build on our record by continuing to keep taxes low, work to expand trade and keep Canada on track for a balanced budget in 2015.  We will also introduce legislation to mandate balanced budgets in normal times.  These measures will help create jobs now and keep Canada on course for long-term prosperity.

We are supporting hard-working families by:

  • increasing choice for television services
  • reducing roaming costs for Canadians
  • increasing high-speed broadband access in rural Canada

Our Government knows that Canadian families work hard to make ends meet.  Their dollars count, and we are taking action to help ensure they are treated fairly.  This includes being able to buy only the TV channels they want and watch; addressing some of the highest wireless bills in the developed world; and expanding choice for high-speed internet in rural areas.

“Our Government is delivering more choices for consumers,” said MP Diane Finley, Member of Parliament for Haldimand-Norfolk.  “With greater choice will come lower costs and greater economic benefits.”

We will continue to put the rights of victims ahead of the rights of criminals, and build on our measures to hold offenders accountable and help keep our streets and communities safe.

And, as always, our Government will put Canada first.  We will continue to give our military more teeth, not tail, and protect Canadian sovereignty.  Canada will remain an example to the world on democracy, human rights and the rule of law as we look ahead to our 150th anniversary.

“We’re building on our record and continuing to support jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity for Canada,” added MP Diane Finley.

In the first two years of our mandate, our Conservative Government delivered on many of our commitments to Canadians.  We remain focused on Canadian families, jobs and economic growth, and putting Canada first.



The Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, delivered the Speech from the Throne on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 to open the second session of the 41st Parliament.  The Speech outlined our Conservative Government’s agenda for this session of Parliament.

The principle priorities are:

Creating jobs and opportunities for Canadians

  • balancing the budget in 2015
  • introducing legislation to require balanced budgets during normal economic times
  • reducing the cost of the federal government
  • completing reforms to the temporary foreign workers program to help ensure Canadians always have the first chance for available jobs
  • concluding a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union
  • expanding trade with markets in Asia and the Americas

These measures are aimed at supporting Canada’s economic growth, continuing to create good, full-time jobs, and help keep taxes low.

Supporting Canadian Families

  • reducing cellular roaming costs within Canada
  • providing choice among television channels by requiring that channels be unbundled
  • addressing geographic price discrimination against Canadians
  • expanding access to rural broadband internet

Protecting Canadian Families

  • introducing the Victims Bill of Rights
  • introducing legislation against cyberbullying

Putting Canada First

  • providing the Canadian Armed Forces with the equipment they need to defend Canada, protect our sovereignty and uphold our vital interests
  • providing additional support to help meet the needs of Veterans, including jobs and housing
  • strengthening the immigration system with the introduction of a new model to select those with the skills Canadian employers need to grow their business and the economy
  • honouring the historic 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation as we approach 2017

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