Response to Comments During Warriors’ Day

I have recently been contacted by a few educators in our community who have expressed concern over comments that I made during Warriors’ Day a few weeks ago.

Through this letter, I’m hoping to clear up a misinterpretation that arose about questions that I asked during the ceremony about the number of youth and teachers in the audience.

Warriors’ Day is an opportunity for us to acknowledge the sacrifices made by our veterans. When preparing for my speech, I came across a poem that I believed recognized this sacrifice well. With Remembrance Day approaching, I thought that this poem would complement the current curriculum.

That is why I asked for the number of teachers in the audience. It wasn’t to criticize, but to offer a piece of literature that I found, and to offer my help. If any teachers are interested in obtaining a copy of the poem, please feel free to contact my office.

In closing, I have a deeply profound respect for all teachers. As the daughter of a long-time teacher, I understand the hard work that goes into guiding future generations. This is selfless work, and it often comes with no recognition. For this, I thank you.

Download the poem here