Minister Ambrose Applauds Launch of New Anti-Bullying Web Site for Teens

WINNIPEG, MB — The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister for Status of Women, today congratulated the Canadian Centre for Child Protection on the launch of their new web site to help Canadian teens deal with online bullying and sexual exploitation. The web site shows users how to stop the online distribution of sexual images.

“I applaud the Canadian Centre for Child Protection on the launch of their new web site,, which represents a major step forward in efforts to end online victimization of girls and young women,” said Minister Ambrose. “In collaboration with other levels of government and public and private-sector organizations across the country, our government is taking urgent action to protect teens from all forms of sexual violence, including “sexting” and cyber-bullying. Recent events have lent even greater urgency to our efforts.” is supported by the Government of Canada and by Bell Canada.

“ provides information to youth who have been impacted by a sexual picture/video being shared by peers. The goal of the site is to provide teens with practical steps they can take to regain control over the situation. This includes information about contacting websites/online services to request an image/video be removed, guidance on involving a safe adult, the importance of self-care and recognizing when things have gone too far.” (From the web site)

The Government of Canada is committed to supporting projects that yield concrete results for women and girls in Canada while strengthening families, communities and the country. Through Status of Women Canada, the government’s support for community-based projects has nearly doubled since 2006-2007, from $10.8 million to close to $19 million, its highest level ever. Since 2007, over $59 million dollars in funding has been approved for projects to end violence against women and girls.