Harper Government to achieve important savings through IT infrastructure transformation

Ottawa, Ontario, October 9, 2013 —The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister responsible for Shared Services Canada, today delivered a keynote address at Canada’s Government Technology Event (GTEC) 2013, outlining how Shared Services Canada is delivering the Government’s vision of a leaner, more efficient government and better value for taxpayers. The Minister focused on three key areas where the government will focus its efforts through SSC: savings, security and better service through private sector engagement.

“Savings was at the heart of the mandate that Prime Minister Harper gave SSC two years ago and it still is,” said Minister Finley. “SSC generated savings almost immediately, just from taking a government-wide approach and integrating IT infrastructure. Those early savings are helping reduce $150 million in costs that the 2012 Economic Action Plan Budget outlined and email transformation will result in another $50 million of taxpayers’ dollars saved.”

Minister Finley made it clear about the approach that the government is taking when it comes to security. “There is no place for untrusted equipment and services in Government of Canada networks,” she advised. “So, frankly, it will be up to vendors to decide whether or not the competitive advantage of being able to do business with the Government of Canada is worth the investment in secure, trusted equipment.”

Finally, the Minister reinforced that better service can only be delivered by better engagement with the expertise that exists within the private sector. “Shared Services Canada is making a point of drawing on the immense private sector expertise in IT transformation that exists across Canada,” explained Minister Finley. “And if the private sector has something off-the-shelf that we can buy instead of build, we will do that too.

The Government Technology Exhibition and Conference is a key annual event for government professionals in the Information Technology sector, and plays an important role in the exchange of ideas and best practices that lead to high government performance.