Finley Supports Transparency and Accountability for Union Leaders



February 16, 2016
Ottawa, ON – “If you work in a unionized workplace, you are required by law to pay dues. If you refuse, you are fired. The workers forced to make these contributions, including those in my riding of Haldimand-Norfolk, deserve to know how their money is being spent, as do members of the general public who subsidize this revenue through the tax system,” said local M.P., Diane Finley.
Recently in the House of Commons, Finley stood to oppose legislation proposed by the Liberal Government. Bill C-4 will see two key laws on democracy and union transparency, which were created under the Conservative Government, revoked.
Bill C-377 was established to provide further accountability for union leaders, and C-525 required holding a secret ballot for the creation and abolition of trade unions. Both before and during the election campaign, unions spent millions of dollars to fight the Conservative Party. The Liberal Party of Canada and the NDP pledged to abolish these laws. Three days before Christmas, the Minister said she would introduce legislation to that effect, which she did.
Research shows that 86% of unionized Canadians support greater transparency for labour organizations and 86% to 92% of unionized workers support a secret ballot.
“Bringing forward this Bill contradicts everything that the new Prime Minister has been touting: more openness, more transparency, and more accountability. Unlike the Liberals and NDP, our Conservative Opposition will not support legislation that goes against the interests of hard-working union members. We will always support transparency and accountability for all Canadians” said Finley.
The full speech can be found here.
Karly Wittet
Office of the Hon. Diane Finley