Finley & Plett Host Firearms Round Table

SIMCOE, ON– “Criminals don’t follow the law, that’s what makes them criminals,” said Diane Finley, MP for Haldimand-Norfolk. “Placing additional administrative burdens and costs on law-abiding citizens won’t help combat gang violence and illegal firearms smuggling.”

MP Diane Finley and Senator Don Plett hosted a firearms roundtable with constituents and local stakeholders to give an update on Bill C-71, the Liberal government’s attempt to further expand intrusive and burdensome firearms restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. The bill’s aim is to re-create the controversial long-gun registry by transferring data from the old registry to the provinces, extend the already comprehensive background checks for those seeking a licence, limit sales at gun and outdoor shows, and prohibit already licensed owners from transporting their firearms without new additional paperwork.

Senator Plett, the Senate Conservative critic on the Bill, has been outspoken about the fact that none of the provisions in C-71 will help to prevent the types of gun violence that the government claims to be addressing with this bill. “Minister Goodale is making scapegoats out of law-abiding gun owners – saddling them with more paperwork, more hoops to jump through, and more threats of criminal charges – all the while pretending that this will reduce crime. The assertion is absurd, and gun owners are tired of the charade.”

“Stakeholders in the firearms community want the government to address gun violence, but nothing in this bill seeks to address the real issues behind the increase in gun violence in our major cities,” Finley pointed out. “What the government should be focused on is firearms smuggling and gang violence, not farmers, hunters and sport shooters,” Finley noted.

“We have been consistent in defending law-abiding gun owners from overreaching government regulations that do nothing to address violent crime, and you can be sure that if C-71 passes, a Conservative government will repeal it,” said Finley.