Finley Calls on Minister to Address Canadian Family Separations at Border

This past week I was very happy to have signed the following letter written by my colleague Pierre Paul-Hus, MP Charlesbourg—Haute-Saint-Charles urging the government do act swiftly in their efforts to repatriate stranded Canadians across the border:

“Minister Blair:

Since the adoption of the US-Canada Joint Initiative imposing restrictions for travelers crossing the US-Canada land border and its implementation on March 20, 2020, several of my colleagues and I have been inundated by calls and emails from Canadians across the country. These Canadians have explained to us how they are confused and personally affected by the rules applied at the border. On several occasions, constituents have shared personal and emotional stories of spouses, common-law partners or a member of their immediate family being turned away at the border. There are seniors and vulnerable persons behind some of these stories. This situation has added a tremendous amount of work in our constituency offices. Given the fact that the Government of Canada is currently separating families at the border, and that this situation has become unbearable for many Canadians, I am asking you to take action.

As Minister of Public Safety, you have the responsibility to ensure that our border protects us from the spread of this disease. At the same time, your Government must take all required measures to ensure that this does not result in unnecessary consequences that can add unnecessary hardships for ordinary Canadians, including seniors and vulnerable persons who have been separated from their loved ones because of the interpretation of this agreement made by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Given the resources that come with your ministerial responsibility, I am convinced that you will be able to resolve these cases that have been brought to your attention by Canadians through their Member of Parliament. I also hope, like thousands of Canadians, that you will be able to fix this unjust situation as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this important and urgent matter.”

To see the full letter, please use the following link:
Letter to Minister Blair