End of the 42nd Parliament Letter


June marked the end of the 42nd Canadian Parliament, giving us a chance to reflect on the last four years under this Liberal majority government. When they came to office, they promised that things would be different with proclamations of “sunny ways.” Now, four years later, we can look back and see if they fulfilled those promises.

The Prime Minister announced that under his leadership “Canada was back” when it came to our role and reputation on the world stage. But he boldly stepped back from global security commitments, spending dramatically less than he committed to our NATO allies. This has left them questioning our commitment to global security.

Nations like China have responded to our Prime Minister’s feeble leadership with increasing aggression toward Canadian trade, diplomatic relations and the safety of our people. Under this administration, our two nations don’t even have ambassadors to each other’s countries any more. This makes it nearly impossible to negotiate the release of Canadian political prisoners or to resolve the trade disputes that are harming Canadian agricultural exports.

Trudeau promised to run “small, moderate deficits” and return to a balanced budget in 2019. We have seen no intention of reining in budgets, and our debt continues to grow. By Trudeau’s own philosophy, the budget should have “balance(d) itself” this year. We just had to trust him. Unfortunately, the Liberal party is kicking the financial can down the road to the next generation, costing them more and ensuring more tax hikes in the future.

Recent polls show that Canadians are rapidly losing faith in our immigration system because of the Trudeau government’s mismanagement of the refugee stream. While we used to put a priority on immigrants based on Canada’s economic needs, this government has put the priority on immigration based on the Liberal party’s needs.

These are only a few of the failures of this government. The evidence continues to grow that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are not what they sold themselves as in 2015. Canadians deserve better, they deserve a strong leader with a vision for a unified Canada where everyone has the same opportunity to succeed.

Andrew Scheer is that leader. His vision for Canada would see us unlock the immense potential that we have here at home and around the world to make both more prosperous, free and safe.

Our Conservative vision starts with promoting Canadian values and expertise on the world stage. We will no longer treat the world’s tyrants and despots the same as democratic, free societies. We will no longer fail to work strategically with our allies to advance freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. We will take a stand against the aggressive actions of China by pulling all funding from the Chinese Infrastructure Investment Bank and by diversifying our trading partners.

We will be world leaders in the fight to preserve our environment by using Canadian innovations. We will encourage developing home-grown emissions reduction technologies through new programs such as the Green Patent Credit, Green Bonds, and the new Canadian Clean Brand. And we will promote the use of these made-in-Canada solutions around the world, which will have a real impact on global emissions, not just our own.

At home we will practise a simple philosophy: green technology, not taxes. The new Green Home Tax Credit will help home owners cover the costs of energy-saving renovations. We will also preserve our beautiful Canadian landscape by expanding conservation efforts throughout the country. That’s why we promise to put an end to dumping raw sewage into our rivers, as is now being done in Montreal.

To restore the public’s faith in our immigration system, we must return to what made it the envy of the world. We must refocus on serving the needs of our economy based on fairness, order, and compassion.

We have to bring back stability to our refugee system that has been abused by the current government for political purposes. We can do this by closing the loophole in the Safe-Third Country Agreement that allows some people to skip the line and avoid the queue. We will bring back the Office of Religious Freedom to give priority to people facing true persecution. Together we will focus on private sponsorships for refugees because the data show that those who are privately sponsored earn more, sooner, and depend less on government.

The Conservative vision is based on a simple principle: people, not government, know best how to spend the money that they earn.

So, we will build on the great work that the previous Conservative government started when we introduced the Universal Child Care Benefit, by making EI maternity and parental benefits tax free. We will also eliminate the GST from home heating and energy costs because in Canada heating isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. These programs, combined with wiping out the Carbon Tax, will let you to keep more money in your pocket.

Our plan to eliminate the deficit will rely on growing our economy by promoting our natural resources and green energy sectors. We will pair that with a responsible, measured approach to spending growth that won’t require drastic spending cuts. Families live within their means. Government should too.

Our vision is of a Canada that says yes.
Yes, we can build an economy that benefits everyone.
Yes, we can protect the environment without handcuffing industry with a Carbon Tax.
Yes, Canada can hold its own and be a leader on the world stage.
Yes, you can keep that money in your pocket.
☑ Together, with our vision, we can make Canada a country of YES again.

The Honourable Diane Finley, P.C., M.P.