Economic Update 2018

The release of the latest Liberal economic update makes one thing clear: Justin Trudeau is good at making promises that he has no intention of keeping.

During the 2015 election, Justin Trudeau promised Canadians that he would borrow a “modest” sum of $10 billion dollars per year. As we all know now, this was false, and given the positive state of the North American Economy, and the fact that he inherited a surplus from the Conservatives, it seems that he never intended to keep his word. He borrowed more than 3 times what he campaigned on.

Trudeau also promised that he would balance the budget by 2019. However, in this economic update, the Liberal Government admitted what Canadians have already come to expect: the budget won’t be balanced in 2019, and Trudeau plans to increase the debt of future generations. Justin Trudeau justified his extravagant deficit spending by insisting that it was necessary to create jobs; however, instead all he has done is saddle us with so much debt that it now costs more to service the federal debt than we spend on health care transfers to the provinces.

Canadians know that it’s wrong to leave our nation’s children an unpaid credit card bill for decisions they didn’t make. But that’s exactly what Justin Trudeau is doing. It is nothing short of inter-generational theft. Canadians can be assured that my Conservative colleagues and I will continue to stand up for Canadians and call for lower taxes and a responsible budget that respects taxpayers.