Diane Finley’s Letter Expressing Concerns about the Carbon Tax

As your Member of Parliament, I’m writing to you to express my concern over the Liberal government’s intention to impose a Carbon Tax on Canadian families.

As Canada’s Conservatives and Official Opposition, we have always believed in the importance of taking care of our environment. That is why under the previous Conservative government we introduced and passed several pieces of legislation that included investing $1 billion in ecoENERGY Retrofit programs that allowed home owners to make their homes more energy efficient, over $3.2 billion in the Clean Air Regulatory Agenda, and provided over $1 billion for a Green Infrastructure Fund to support green infrastructure projects.

As a result, our Conservative Government was not only able to attract new business, but for the first time in Canadian history, we were able to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions without forcing Canadians to pay another tax.

However, under this Liberal Government, Prime Minister Trudeau is committed to implementing a job-killing carbon tax. But thanks to the hard work of our Conservative Caucus, Canadians like yourself and several provincial governments have sent a clear message to Prime Minister Trudeau – they don’t want a carbon tax!

As a result of Canadians pushing back against this Carbon Tax, the Liberal government has announced that they will scale back, but not cancel, their Carbon Tax policy. This isn’t enough! I urge you to continue to make your voice heard by downloading this petition and mailing it back to my Ottawa office postage free, calling on the Government to respect Canadian taxpayers and to abandon its plan to force another tax on them.