Demand a referendum on our voting system

MP Diane Finley Urges Liberals to Hold Referendum on Voting System

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 March 9, 2016
Ottawa, ON – Recently local MP Diane Finley stood in the House of Commons to call on the Liberal government to hold a referendum on electoral reform and give Canadians their say.
“If the Liberals want to make a fundamental change to our voting system, the process must not be dominated by one political party’s interests. A committee comprised of a select number of MPs is not, and never will be, a substitute for all Canadians having their voices heard,” said Finley.
During the 2015 election, the Liberals promised to get rid of the First Past the Post election system. The government plans to convene an all-party committee to review the electoral process; however they have not confirmed the number of seats that each party will occupy. All other parliamentary committees are divided according to the seat count in the House, which currently gives the Liberals a majority of six out of 10 seats.
The Conservative Party firmly opposes any changes made to how Canadians elect their federal representatives without holding a national referendum on the matter.
According to recent polls, nearly 65 per cent of Canadians said that a national referendum should be held on any changes to the electoral system. In the past, Ontario, BC and PEI have held referenda when considering a change in the voting system. No province has tried to impose electoral reform without a referendum since the early 1950s.
“The fact is that when you change the basic rules of democracy everyone has to have a say. Otherwise, it’s not a democracy,” said Finley.