Conservatives Introduce Affordable Home Heating Plan

Canadians are known for being strong, tough, and resilient, especially when it comes to sticking through our notorious winters. But, even the toughest among us need a helping hand during our cold, harsh winters. That’s why the Conservative Party of Canada has committed to lowering costs for all Canadians on their home heating through our Tax-Free Home Heating Plan.

A Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Andrew Scheer, will remove the GST from home heating and energy bills to put more money back into the pockets of hard-working Canadians. This means that residents of Haldimand-Norfolk will save around $107 per year on heating. And when Conservatives repeal Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax, Canadians will save hundreds of dollars more each year on everyday goods.

With soaring energy costs, seniors and those living on a fixed income are often forced to choose between heating their home and buying other necessities, such as food or prescriptions. This isn’t right.

Conservatives know that heating your home isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. The government doesn’t tax other basic necessities like groceries, baby clothes, and prescriptions, and it shouldn’t be taxing home heating.

Canada’s Conservatives have a strong plan to make life more affordable. We want to help people achieve their dreams, not stand in their way. This is just one way that a Conservative government will help all Canadians get ahead.