Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer Unveils Party Platform, My Vision for Canada

The Hon. Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, has delivered a series of keynote speeches around the country on major public policy issues facing Canada. The five-speech series, titled My Vision for Canada, establishes the policies of how a Conservative government would return Canada to prosperity at home and dignity abroad. The five main pillars centre around Foreign Policy, the Economy, Immigration, Confederation, and the Environment. You can find out more about these key policies below.

Foreign Policy
• Focus on asserting Canadian sovereignty.
• Confidently name and confront threats to our national interests and values in all their forms.
• No longer treat democracies and dictatorships, like China, equally.
• Work strategically alongside our allies to advance freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

To learn more and watch Andrew Scheer’s speech on foreign policy click here.

• The underlying fundamental point which will direct our economic policy is putting faith in people, not the government.
• Become energy independent by 2030 and displace imports from foreign rogue states.
• Lower taxes, including eliminating the carbon tax.
• Implement predictable regulations, with clear timelines for approvals.
• Ensure sound public finances by requiring Ministries to find savings for new projects.
• Make smarter investments in areas like basic research and infrastructure.
• Eliminate GST from home heating bills and make parental benefits tax-free.

To learn more and watch Andrew Scheer’s speech on the economy click here.

• Safeguard and emphasize economic immigration.
• Put an end to illegal border crossings and close the loophole in the Safe-Third Country Agreement.
• Improve language training to ensure greater proficiency in English or French.
• Ensure that our system prioritizes people facing true persecution.
• Support, and enable private sponsorships to help those most in need with fairness, order, and compassion.

To learn more and watch Andrew Scheer’s speech on immigration click here.

• Eliminate interprovincial trade barriers.
• Convene a First Ministers meeting with internal trade at the very top of the agenda in order to draft and ratify an Interprovincial Free Trade Agreement.
• Create of a National Energy Corridor that will allow Canadian resources to flow freely across our country to domestic and international markets.

To learn more and watch Andrew Scheer’s speech on Confederation click here.

• Follow a simple philosophy; technology, not taxes.
• Implement new Green Investment Standards that will require polluters whose emissions exceed strict limits, stricter than the current Liberal governments, to invest in emission reduction technology.
• Introduce the Green Homes Tax credit which will save Canadians to save up to $3,800 on green renovations for their homes.
• Introduce the Green Patent Credit for green innovators and entrepreneurs who create new emission reduction technology.
• Take real action on reducing plastic waste by harmonizing recycling standards across provinces and working with industry to cut down on excessive packaging.

To learn more and watch Andrew Scheer’s speech on the environment click here.