Canada Summer Jobs Program

The Liberal government has introduced a Liberal Values Test for organizations applying for Canada Summer Jobs funds.

This values test, as written, seems to specifically target business, houses of worship, not-for-profit organizations and any group whose members don’t agree with Justin Trudeau’s values, and forces them to choose between adhering to their charter-protected freedoms and being allowed to access Government of Canada funding.

In the future, its possible that the liberals will expand this policy to other government services, subjecting Canadians to the same values test. Conservatives believe that all Canadians should be treated equally by their government, regardless of their faith or conscience. We will defend the right of all Canadians of faith to hold and express their deeply-held beliefs and values.

Canadians here in Haldimand-Norfolk and across this country have been sending in their petitions in opposition to the government’s actions, which I’m supporting and presenting to Parliament as they come in. see below.

Total Number of Petitioners: 31

Number of Petitioners: 114

Total Number of Petitioners: 145

Number of Petitioners: 164

Total Number of Petitioners: 309

Number of Petitioners: 184

Total Number of Petitioners: 493

Number of Petitioners: 369

Total Number of Petitioners: 862